Women of Alabaster

"Leave her alone." John 12:1–14

Support Us

We need your support in three main areas:

1) Prayer- We need prayer warriors who will flood heaven with petitions for all those caught up in sexual trafficking or human slavery situations. Prayers of protection for our outreach teams are appreciated.

2) Financially- Your monetary support is very important and helps us provide direct service to the women:

* for your $5 donation we can purchase bus passes to clinics, court and probation appointments

*for your $10, we can purchase gas for the outreach van, take volunteers into the roughest parts of Cinti, and provide on the street ministry

* for $25, we can provide food for 10 people we witness to during outreach

* for your $50 donation, we can assist a woman and her children with emergency overnight stay in a safe place

* for $100, we can return a minor to his/her parents through a bus ticket, removing them from the sex trade

* for $250, we can enroll a person in rehab, helping her start on the road to recovery

* for $550, we can cover the office rent for a month, ensuring our presence in this area and re-claiming it for Christ


513-543-5656 Contact@WomenofAlabaster.org