Scarlet Hudson pulls over when she spots the woman in fuzzy slippers walking along West Pike Street in Covington.

Hudson, known around town as “Momma Scarlet,” is with Women of Alabaster Ministries, a group that helps prostitutes with drug addictions. Many of them, like the woman in the fuzzy slippers, are addicted to heroin.

Today, Hudson packed 20 hamburgers from McDonald’s and plastic bags filled with toothpaste, shampoo, wet wipes and other toiletries.

She hands out the food and supplies because the women need them, and because she wants them to know someone cares.

Each bag comes with one of Hudson’s “Momma Scarlet” business cards bearing her phone number.

The woman in the slippers opens one of the bags. “Oooooooh!” she says, smiling.

She’s 53 and a long-time heroin user. Hudson encourages her to give up the street life.

“When you’re ready, sweetie, we’ll help you find a way.”

Click here to view the full video and article from the Cincinnati Enquirer.

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