Highlight from Jan./Feb. 2017: A Recap of 2016

Wondering what we’re doing to help? Here’s a brief snapshot of services we provided throughout 2016:

  • More than 1,000 visits at the ministry building (same girl may visit each day we are open)
  • Nine professions of faith
  • Five girls in recovery
  • Women in Recovery Bible Study
  • Trip to see Joyce Meyer, covered by donations
  • Assisted girls at hospital, nursing home, detox centers, probation officer visits, court and emergency room visits
  • Two weekly outreaches
  • Clothed more than 46 women throughout the year
  • A social worker from the Salvation Army will be at the ministry building every Wednesday, providing additional resource and support—began Jan. 4
  • “St. Josephine clinic” every other Wednesday—began Jan. 25
  • Forensic nurses from University of Cincinnati rotating at the building, accessing immediate physical needs and providing on-site treatment
  • Trauma psychologist, a professor from Xavier University, assisting with psychological needs and referrals
  • One designated doctor to write prescriptions for antibiotics
  • Possible place of safety in Covington that the girls can go to where men are not allowed; there currently is nothing like this in Kentucky and many of the girls have said there is a real need
  • Possibility of adding Wednesday outreach—determining need and volunteers

Click here to view the full Jan./Feb. 2017 newsletter.

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