As part of the long-term vision of Women of Alabaster, we have opened The RE Store online!
Go to “The RE Store” on Facebook and LIKE our page! Keep The RE Store in your prayers as it develops into:

  • a source of income for The Agape Farm: a place where our girls can go to get deep healing and learn a life away from the streets
  • a place where our girls can work during their stay at the farm to learn job skills and hold their head up high

“REbuild, REnew, REpurpose. There is so much power behind the
action of “RE.” It is not easy, nor quick, nor does the process always
feel good. In the state of brokenness, we have a choice of who holds
the hammer & nails. We can try to fix it ourselves with limited
knowledge OR we can give the lead over to the God of our Universe.”

– Kailey Leopold, The RE Store Volunteer

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