Our Work

Weekly Relentless Outreach

Every Thursday and Saturday night, we visit with men and women on the streets, offering conversation, food, prayer, and basic hygiene items.

Day Ministry Hospitality Office

Our office is open Monday through Thursday, and we host Bible studies, medical clinic days, and art therapy sessions.

One on One Support

We provide emergency and long-term recovery assistance, including help getting into rehab/safe houses and transportation to appointments.

Relentless Outreach Encounters
Day Ministry Hospitality Office Visits
Treatment Placements
Sober Living
Take Action

Take Action

Whether you are looking to learn more or seeking ways to help out, please fill out our contact form. We’d love to hear from you and will be in touch. Ways to support WOA include

  • Inviting us to speak at your church or event
  • Hosting clothing and hygiene item drives
  • Preparing meals for our hospitality office guests
  • Volunteering with our street outreach team
  • Attending our fundraising gala
  • Giving a financial gift